Public Plan IQ – Our Beginnings

Public Plan IQ was founded by Debra Gregory, CFA, an investment management professional with over two decades experience and deep expertise in market research, product development and competitive positioning.

In 2014, she founded Gregory Consulting.  There, she developed a database of public plan board material documents as an internal resource for her consulting practice. In meetings with clients and industry colleagues, she would utilize these public plan documents to provide direct intelligence on competitor positioning, comprehensive fee information, industry trends and more.

Feedback from investment managers, consultants, fund lawyers and industry professionals was unanimous: The ability to easily access relevant public fund materials is a valuable resource for competitive intelligence.

Based on the strong interest shown by her consulting clients, Debra launched Public Plan IQ to make public plan board materials and reporting accessible.

The Public Plan IQ database launched June 2015, one year later we have over 75 clients.  They are $1 trillion plus investment managers, single fund alternative mangers, placement agents, consultants, broker dealers.


Public Plan IQ is the leading research service for aggregating the competitive intelligence of US state and local government pension plans.



The US Public Plan Sponsor Market

US public plan institutional investors represent in excess of $3.8 trillion in assets.  Public Plan IQ continuously monitors the top 235+ US plans, each with assets exceeding $1 billion.

In an effort to maintain transparency with their constituents, state and local pension fund sponsors publicly disclose their board materials and other reporting, which includes documentation from investment managers, consultants and pension staff.

The Public Plan Explorer database covers traditional asset class activity since January 2013, and alternatives since January 2011.



Making Market Intelligence Accessible

Public Plan IQ’s Public Plan Explorer aggregates the board materials and reporting into an easily searchable database.

Each document and media record is thoroughly catalogued across 30+ attributes, covering service providers, fund characteristics, fees, investment strategy and document type.  Search the underlying text of the 10,000+ documents in the database.

Research ACTUAL investment management fees paid by public plan investors. Public Plan IQ tracks all disclosed investment management fees including tiered fee schedules and performance fees.


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