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1. Open your Public Plan IQ home page. When you first log in, the most recent documents are displayed first.

Click the images on the left to see a larger view…

2. Open your selection groups to search by a wide range of criteria.

All dropdowns and checkboxes allow multiple selections.

Your criteria are saved for easy fine tuning. You can clear all of your filters with the “Clear Selections” button.

3. Once you’ve refined your search, simply click on the “Document” link to download the document you want.

The final documents contain essential industry intelligence, including actual pricing terms.

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  • Public Funds considering your strategies
    • “large cap growth” AND search rfp mandate hire
    • “value added real estate” AND co-investment
  • What’s the going rate?
    • “high yield” AND bps fees “first $”
    • “absolute return” AND “management fee” AND incentive carry
  • Add an email alert for any text search, after executing the search click “Save Search” name the search in the pop up and check the box for “receive email alerts”.

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